What you Need…… Monashee deep powder!

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CATSKIING CANADA crew are officially on the road!!!
This year stay tuned as we give you live updates from Canada’s most sweet ass Cat operations in Canada!

First stop as it has been for the past 4 years is Monashee Powder Snowcats! and we could not be more stoked!

SO, here is an inside sneak a peek at the upcoming video from our last trip at Monashee.. “What you Need”
Passcode; whatyouneed

Kicking off the season with “What you Need”!!!!!


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Heliboarding TV / Monashee Powder Snowcats

Photo: Kevin Hagell


We just did a light hearted edit for our friends up at Monashee Powder Snowcats 

Their Staff are amazing and we can hardly wait to get up there and hit some of the amazing early season conditions

and hang with the “Rock Stars”!

Photo: Kevin Hagell




EYE CANDY / Monashee Powder / Fischi

Photo: Fischi
Photo: Fischi

A snowboarding backcountry paradise! We come up to Monashee year after year and are always anxious to return. When you see photos like this it just make me jittery with stoke.

Photo: Fischi
Photo: Fischi

The euros know a good thing when they see it!

EYE CANDY / Monashee Powder Snowcats / Markus Fischer

Photo: Markus Fischer

Our European friends at Pleasure Snowboard Magazine have now banked about 6 different film trips with us at various operations.

Sometimes we go up with them and sometimes we get photos sent back to us at our offices like this one.

Makes you wish you didn’t turn down the trip.


Location: Monashee Powder Snowcats / Lumby B.C.

Photo: Markus Fischer