Heliboarding Heaven

You know your at snowboard friendly heliskiing operation when they hand you a sticker like this…

Heliboarding at Purcell Heliskiing

Only a couple hour drive from Calgary is a Heliskiing operation who embraces snowboarding clients with open arms – Purcell Heliskiing.  This heli-boarding operation is by a family who has a long history in the industry dating back from heliskiing’s  inception in Canada.

The terrain is fantastic and our crew got a mix bag of cut blocks, alpine, tree riding, bumps, and pillow lines.


I think I just had the pillow line of my life… I am so stoked! We better call to see if Sleep country wants all their pillows back – Mikel Witlox

Screen shot 2016-02-07 at 2.20.41 PM

Mikel’s view of Purcell Heliskiing’ s terrain can be seen on his instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/mikelwitlox/

Mikel Witlox our team rider at Heliboarding Canada is as keen to drop whatever we can throw at him – and with this little pillow section that could be viewed over lunch at their mountain side cabin – Mikel was stoked x 10.

When you get an opportunity to get only a glimpse of the vast terrain at Purcell, the one thing is a certainty. Your gonna leave satisfied but come home wanting to see and experience more. – Heliboarding Canada


Commit Snow and Skates owner Adam Laurin gave the goods a once over test as well.


Scotty, this place is like ordering a big stack of pancakes and bacon at greasy spoon diner the morning after a hangover. Its got everything you crave man.. seriously- Adam Laurin


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Heliboarding culture always intersects with skiing culture – especially heliskiing.  Our guide Jeff ski’s and snowboards and on our second day of guides us on a snowboard.

This to us is just a demonstration of balance that we felt with the family at Purcell they pay homage to their roots and are innovating to the future across both generations.

See our upcoming interviews with Jeff on Powder Guides

Stay tuned as we start pulling together footage from Purcell and we share with you more from Canada’s #HeliboardingHeaven (follow our images with that hashtag)

 Photos: Kyle Hamilton / Laundromat Studios

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Bomb this…..

Adam "Larry" Elliott bombing a sweet run at Great Canadian Heliskiing / Photo: Kyle Hamilton
Adam “Larry” Elliott bombing a sweet run at Great Canadian Heliskiing / Photo: Kyle Hamilton

The plume tells you if you hit the mark.

Adam carpet bombing Great Canadian Heliboarding…

EYE CANDY / Northern Escape Heliboarding

Photo: Scott Martin @ NE Heliskiing
Photo: Scott Martin @ NE Heliskiing

Getting bluebird and powder is like peanut butter and Jam…. such a tasty mix.

Northern Escape Heliboarding (technically Heliskiing) has some insane terrain for snowboarding.

From wide open alpine to little bowls… some of the valley runs are sick half pipes that you can just bank pow turns on.

Its got the goods.

EYE CANDY / Monashee Powder Snowcats / Markus Fischer

Photo: Markus Fischer

Our European friends at Pleasure Snowboard Magazine have now banked about 6 different film trips with us at various operations.

Sometimes we go up with them and sometimes we get photos sent back to us at our offices like this one.

Makes you wish you didn’t turn down the trip.


Location: Monashee Powder Snowcats / Lumby B.C.

Photo: Markus Fischer

HELIBOARDING TV / Official Launch today!

Today we have officially launched our new channel dedicated to snowboarding in the backcountry  at both Heliskiing and Catskiing operations with HELIBOARDING CANADA TV!!

We are going to be bringing you more “Bangers n Mash” content here that will get your stoke going.

To launch our channel we start with a short heart pumping pre-season teaser from Chatter Creek!  Its the perfect operation to kick us off, since they have BOTH Heliskiing AND Catskiing. (sorry Heliboarding & Catboarding)