Hairy Chewbacca and the Euro invasion at FWA

Jan 2013 Europe was not exactly getting much snow… Meanwhile back in Fernie…

It was puking.  Heliboarding team member Mikel Witlox and Scott Martin headed up with Isenseven & Pleasure Snowboard Magazine for a pow odyssey.

This trip was amazing, because we got the lodge and the entire..terrain FWA has to ourselves.

In fact I remember we did a warm up run on what is usually a “Crown jewel” run and then we decided to “Warm up” our legs a few more times…

Anyway… The place we went to was named by the Euros… I actually thought they named it because it was so big and hairy.. but am sorely mistaken..

Read the article by Isenseven and learn a bit more about their experience. Isenseven Article at FWA

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 8.09.53 AM
Isenseven Article:

To get a taste of ” Chewbaccaland”


HELIBOARDING TV / ChewbaccaLand Big & Hairy

Chewbacca balls
Please take one

When we set out to help film this past season we didn’t anticipate needing to “take life by the balls” rather we just knew this whole trip was gonna be full of big hits.


#ChewbaccaLand is a quick little vid that is some of the alternate footage from “A Way We Go” and underscores why this clip video is named so.

Mikel Witlox
Mikel Witlox

Local rider for Commit was out to join the crew and fit right in… keen to build booters and even keener to send em.


One of the cool uptakes on the trip was the constant effort to squeeze some no-boarding in…. and we had some serious air shows.

Check out the vid on!

Visit the land of “Big & Hairy”