EYE CANDY / Valhalla Powder Snowcats

Tyler the artist / Photo: Nick Nault
Tyler the artist / Photo: Nick Nault

How Tyler is able to rip such big turns in the trees is due to the years of riding and his general artistic sense.

He seems to find lines that are technical… yet seriously could not look more natural and adaptive to the changing terrain.

Its so sweet having a fellow rider as your guide, and at Valhalla this is a mecca for powder surfers.

P.S. – Good luck keeping up with Tyler if he says… “Meet you at the Cat track”.


Road Tripping Out /Put this in your cold smoke pipe

Matt Noseworthy smoking the cold smoke pipe / Photo: Lisa Gover
Matt Noseworthy smoking the cold smoke pipe / Photo: Lisa Gover

Revelstoke has been getting alot of attention as of late.  I have always been surpirsed how long it was gonna take before this little canadian secret spot was gonna explode.

Well its long since happend.. and as you reach beyond the hill to Catskiing and Backcountry there is a quiet operation called K3 that has some serious riding.

Devon blowing K3 up / Photo: Lisa Gover
Devon blowing K3 up / Photo: Lisa Gover

Its a low key cool place that is smack dab where the world famous Revy dumps happen…

The pickup Revy Style / Photo: Lisa Gover
The pickup Revy Style / Photo: Lisa Gover

In true Revy style its pretty informal which is really sets the pace for your pow trip.

Just chill out and live on “Mountain time”

K3 day2-wm-LDP-2




HELIBOARDING TV / ChewbaccaLand Big & Hairy

Chewbacca balls
Please take one

When we set out to help film this past season we didn’t anticipate needing to “take life by the balls” rather we just knew this whole trip was gonna be full of big hits.


#ChewbaccaLand is a quick little vid that is some of the alternate footage from “A Way We Go” and underscores why this clip video is named so.

Mikel Witlox
Mikel Witlox

Local rider for Commit was out to join the crew and fit right in… keen to build booters and even keener to send em.


One of the cool uptakes on the trip was the constant effort to squeeze some no-boarding in…. and we had some serious air shows.

Check out the vid on HeliboardingCanada.tv!

Visit the land of “Big & Hairy”

EYE CANDY / Monashee Powder Snowcats / Markus Fischer

Photo: Markus Fischer

Our European friends at Pleasure Snowboard Magazine have now banked about 6 different film trips with us at various operations.

Sometimes we go up with them and sometimes we get photos sent back to us at our offices like this one.

Makes you wish you didn’t turn down the trip.


Location: Monashee Powder Snowcats / Lumby B.C.

Photo: Markus Fischer

Launch of Heliskiing Channel with RK Heliski “Blue Bird Heaven” video

Photo: Kyle Hamilton
Photo: Kyle Hamilton

Our Heliboarding crew joined this ski/snowboard crew shoot at RK Heliski to have one of the most memorable days of the season filming.

Aptly named “Blue Bird Heaven” this little edit is meant to take you away and share a dream day heliboarding.